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Writing a Complete Bibliography With Understanding and Functions , Writing a Complete Bibliography With Understanding and Functions

Hello friends, is back with us, where this time we will discuss Indonesian language lessons with the theme Bibliography Writing for a more clear and complete then see the explanation below.

Bibliographic Definition

Bibliography is usually referred to as a reference. The definition of bibliography is a pen scribble at the end of a written work, which is made with the aim of offering a source or reference for the author in compiling his writing.

Bibliography is generally written in various types of writings, especially non-fiction works.

However, there are some papers that do not require the inclusion of a bibliography, and some require a bibliography.

Generally, the bibliography should be included in scientific or academic writings, as well as popular nonfiction papers.

For example, we can find bibliography in written works in the form of: journals, books, articles, papers, theses, dissertations, theses, essays, and other types of scientific works.

Terms from the bibliography can also be referred to in several ways, such as references, citations, footnotes, references, and links.

Bibliographic Elements

There are several important elements that must be included in a bibliography. The elements of the bibliography are as follows:

  1. Writer’s name
  2. Publication Year
  3. Title
  4. rising area
  5. Publisher name

These five elements must be included in each article from the bibliography. However, if there are some elements that cannot be found in the reference paper, additional information can be provided.

There are many types of reference sources. For example, we can receive library resources from books, journals, internet, papers, and so on.

This type of writing is very much at all, of course, already known from where we get the writing. It is these origins that we actually need to include, where we generally expect the five elements from the bibliography above.

However, the way of writing from the bibliography on each type of source can be different.

Bibliography Function

Making a bibliography certainly has its function. The function of the bibliography is as follows:

  1. Makes it easier for readers to find other needed references, which are already listed in the bibliography.
  2. Offers appreciation or appreciation of the author of the work of others who have been used as a reference for writing.
  3. Facilitate the review of library sources that have been used as references, or as corrections.
  4. Offers our rationale, so that it is not only impressive for us to write without foundation, or reliable sources.

Writing Bibliography from Book Sources

There are several things that need to be considered in writing a bibliography of book sources.

But, the most important thing is to pay attention to the order and punctuation. The following is the order of references from the book.

1. Name

The author’s name is written at the beginning of the sentence. Remember to always write the author’s last name first, then continue with a comma (,) after that include the author’s first and middle name.

If the book is the work of two or more authors, only the order of the first author’s name is intentionally reversed.

The second author and so on follow it in an order that closely matches the original name.

If the full name of the author has been included in the book along with educational degrees or other titles, then these titles do not need to be written down.

2. Year of Publication

After the name, include the year of publication of the book you used as a reference.

Don’t be fooled by the initial printing year numbers because the book you are using could be the second, third, or last printing.

3. Book Title

Write down the full title of your book. Don’t forget, writing the title that has been made with crooked or bent.

4. Name of City and Publisher

The last part in writing a bibliography of a book is to include the city of publication and the name of the publisher who has printed the book.

Write the name of the city first, followed by the name of the publisher, separated by a colon (:).

Another thing that really needs to be considered is the boundary marks on each row. Make sure you use a period (.) to delimit the order from name, year of publication, book title, to city and publisher name.

Book Bibliography Model

Book Data:
Title : Politics and Economics.
Author : Rendra Mahendra
Publisher : Western Library
Publishing City: Jakarta
Publish Year: 2010

Writing method:
Mahendra, Rendra. 2010. Politics and Economics. Jakarta: West Library.

Writing a Bibliography from the Internet

In addition to print articles, someone often takes the source of his writing from articles on the internet.

For writing from a bibliography of sources from the internet, for example like this, the order is as follows:

1. Name

The method of writing the name of an online article is not much different from writing the name on the source of a book or printed article.

2. Airing Year

Include the year the article was published.

3. Title

The title of the online article is not written crookedbut enclosed in quotation marks (“).

4. URL

Don’t forget to copy the URL address of the article so that it can be accessed if anyone wants a sign of authenticity.

5. Pick Up Time

Finally, don’t forget to include the time when you took the complete article online, namely the date and time you downloaded it or made it a reference.

Regardless of the order, the problem of border markings in internet/online article bibliography is actually different from writing a bibliography from a printed source.

The dot (.) as a limit only applies to the suffix of the author’s name and year of publication.

Ad interim, limiting the title on the URL and from the URL to the time of data retrieval in the form of a comma (,).

Internet Bibliographic Model (Online Articles)

Article Data:
Title : State Revenue in Southeast Asia
Author: Muhammad Yusuf
After Release: February 2, 2018
Access Time : 10 February 2019, 12:30

Writing method:
Yusuf, Muhammad. 2018. Country Income in Southeast Asia. (2 February 2018).

This time the discussion is about Bibliography Writing Hopefully it can help you all in learning Indonesian lessons and thank you for visiting and listening to this article to the end.

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