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Why isn’t Jiraiya in Edo Tensei? Turns out this is the reason! , Why isn’t Jiraiya in Edo Tensei? Turns out this is the reason!

Why Jiraiya Isn’t in Edo Tensei – Discussing about anime is endless, especially the anime we are discussing is the Naruto series. This anime series is one of the most legendary and loved by many people, from children to adults though. It seems that Naruto will always be remembered by many people, especially anime lovers.

In the Naruto series, you must be familiar with Jiraiya’s character, right? Well, Jiraiya is one of the characters who has an extraordinary role, because Jiraiya is Naruto’s teacher. Jiraiya himself had died in the fight against Pain, but there were still questions raging in the minds of the audience.

A poly viewer asked the reason why Jiraiya was not in edo tensei, even though almost all strong characters appeared in edo tensei. Therefore, this time the admin will discuss the reasons that make Jiraiya not in edo tensei.

Why is Jiraiya not in Edo Tensei and what is Edo Tensei

For those who don’t know, edo tensei is one of the moves or techniques that can be used to resurrect the dead. The person who created this edo tensei technique is Tobirama. Then, the Edo Tensei technique was perfected by Orochimaru and also Kabuto.

As news, Jiraiya is one of the legendary ninja in Konoha. He died with honor after facing Amegakure to face Pain. However, the mission failed and made Jiraiya drown in the deep sea of ​​Amegakure.

Jiraiya’s death certainly leaves a mystery, especially when the 4th ninja war begins, where almost all strong characters are resurrected with Edo Tensei. However, not with Ero Sennin or Jiraiya’s teacher. Poly who speculates about the reason why Jiraiya is not in Edo Tensei is similar to other strong characters.

Here he is Some Strong Reasons Why Jiraiya Is Not In Edo Tensei

The reason why Jiraiya was not resurrected with Edo Tensei was probably due to several strong reasons. The following are some reasons that might be a strong reason why Jiraiya was not resurrected using Edo Tensei.

1. Amegakure’s Maritime Conditions Are Very Dangerous

The first reason Jiraiya wasn’t resurrected with the Edo Tensei was because of Amegakure’s very dangerous sea conditions. For those of you who have forgotten, we remind you again that this Ame village is famous for always raining and has a very large and wide ocean.

Well, this vast and deep ocean certainly has wild sea animals that eat meat. There is a possibility that Jiraiya’s body has been eaten by these sea creatures or animals. Another reason could also be that Kabuto didn’t want to take the risk by diving into the sea. Because, Kabuto can be said to be physically weak, so it is not possible for him to dive into the sea of ​​Amegakure.

2. Someone else took Jiraiya’s body from the sea of ​​Amegakure

The next reason that made Jiraiya not in Edo Tensei was because someone else had managed to retrieve Jiraiya’s body from the Amegakure Sea. This happened when Kabuto wanted to take Jiraiya’s body, but it turned out that Jiraiya’s body was no longer there or was not found.

Another person who managed to take Jiraiya’s body and perform Edo Tensei besides Kabuto was Amado. It is known, he succeeded in creating humans or artificial clones derived from Jiraiya’s DNA. So, the possibility that preceded Kabuto to take Jiraiya’s body was Amado.

3. Kabuto Fails to Accept Jiraiya’s Body and DNA

Still affiliated with the previous reason that someone else had taken Jiraiya’s body and received his DNA, which made Kabuto fail to accept Jiraiya’s DNA. For your information, Edo Tensei can be done by receiving a whole corpse, or it can also be done by using DNA alone.

However, similar to what we explained earlier in points 1 and 2, Kabuto again failed to receive Jiraiya’s DNA and body. Thus making Jiraiya unable to be resurrected using Edo Tensei.

So, that was the discussion about some strong reasons why Jiraiya was not in Edo Tensei. Hopefully this news can be a reference source for those of you who are wondering about the reason why Jiraiya can’t be resurrected using Edo Tensei.

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