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What Happened To Archie Tiktok? Black Out Challenge – Hello everyone, meet again with the admin who this time will discuss about What Happened To Archie Tiktok? Black Out Challenge.

Regarding what is trending on the tiktok platform and has become a hot conversation for netizens because this news is very horrendous on social media.

Regarding the archie tiktok keyword, there is a lot of discussion and I want to know what the hottest news is lately.

Doctors have postponed turning off the British boy’s life support as the hospital and parents await the final decision from the main international tribunal that will ultimately determine his fate.

Heartbroken parents of coma boy Archie Battersbee have received the reprieve they were praying for.

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What Happened To Archie Tiktok? Black Out Challenge

The 12-year-old boy who was brain dead from a viral challenge on TikTok -  News Rebeat

After applying to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), pleading to extend their son’s life.

The 12-year-old son of mother Hollie Dance, and father Paul Battersbee, first fell into a coma in April after attempting the Blackout Challenge.

Dangers circulating on TikTok that make users try to hold their breath until they pass out.

According to people four children under the age of 12 have died after trying the challenge themselves.

For the young Battersbee, a serious brain injury sustained from the challenge has left him lying unconscious at the Royal London Hospital for the past four months.

Left dependent on ventilation and drug treatment to keep him alive. But with only the help of a doctor’s tool.

And the doctor also advised to remove the assistive device so as not to bear the risk too high.

Just 120 minutes before his life support was removed, Battersbee’s parents filed an emergency law application with the ECHR to extend his life in hospital.

And while the fight so far shows there is no hope for the young boy’s life.

The lesson we can take is that we may follow the challenges that are trending on social media.

But we also have to know whether the challenge is dangerous or safe for us to follow the challenge.

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