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Unexpectedly, Perseverance found this trash on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover has found an unexpected piece on Mars. How did you get to this red planet?

This unexpected trash innovation on Mars was shared by NASA via the official Perseverance Twitter account.
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In the photo shared, you can see what looks like aluminum foil stuck between the rocks.

Apparently Perseverance invented an artificial technology that fell last year.

In addition, the Mars Ingenuity helicopter also found debris from the landing gear that sent it and Perseverance to Mars.
endurance robots (NASA)

However, it seems that debris in the Martian region continues to spread.

“My team saw something unexpected. This is part of the thermal blanket, presumably from the descent phase, of the rocket-powered jet that sent me on landing day in 2021,” wrote the Perseverance report June 15, quoted from IFL Science, Monday (20/6/2022). . .
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The trash that Perseverance found was a foil layer of a thermal blanket, a material NASA scientists use to control temperature.
Persistent innovation on Mars. [Indonesia]

It is not yet known exactly how the chunks of technological waste ended up in an area about 2 kilometers from the original pier.

There are several possibilities, such as a layer of film falling onto the area or being blown away by the wind.

This is an unexpected trash find from Perseverance on Mars. What else has NASA discovered on the Red Planet? ( Lintang Siltya Utami).

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