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Tips & Tricks The Latest Axis Free Internet Unlimited Work 100% 2022

The Latest Axis Unlimited Free Internet Way – In the current Millennial era, the need for the internet seems to be the main priority in our lives today.

Even some of us often assume that the internet is very important to support daily mobility.

But what if you can’t fulfill it on the grounds that your financial condition is not good? The Axis free internet method can be a mainstay for you.

Known as a cellular operator with a fairly cheap internet package price. It doesn’t mean that Axis customers don’t want to enjoy their operator’s free internet.

In fact, many Axis users are willing to look for cheap internet package promos to support their smooth needs in cyberspace.

How to Access Free Internet on Axis Card

For those of you who are running out of budget to buy Axis internet packages. So you can try the free internet method from Axis to enjoy the best service on this one.

Where you can browse, chat, gaming, stream unlimited for 24 hours. If you want to try it, please follow the method below:

1. Axis Free Internet Way with Pinoytrick VPN

  1. First, please download and install the application Pinoytrick VPN of Play Store.
  2. Open the app Pinoytrick VPN and a notification will appear then you just click OK.
  3. After entering the main page, please click Handler then fill in the Axis name according to the card you are using.
  4. Please fill in the fields Proxy Server, Real Proxy Server and Proxy Port (for other parts please leave it blank).
  5. If so, please return to the main page and select Connect to connect the server.
  6. If the server is connected and the internet connection becomes slow, you can set it using Pingtool.
  7. You can speed up the connection by setting the display to meet the menu Tools. In this menu please click More Option to change the connection settings to make it faster and more stable.

2. How to surf for free Axis using the Axisnet Application

  1. First, please download and install the application Axisnet of Play Store.
  2. After that you download the application Fake GPS through the Play Store too.
  3. Open the Axisnet application and register using the Axis number you are using now.
  4. If so, please enter the application.
  5. If you have successfully entered the Axisnet application, please select the option Giga Hunt.
  6. After that you enter the map Google Mapsrun the app Fake GPS and navigate to the location in Giga Hunt.
  7. If you have, you can match the location in Giga Hunt with the location of the marker in Google Maps by using the app Fake GPS.
  8. Then select Start to get a large quota of 100MB from the application Axianet this.

3. How to Free Axis Internet Using the Ultrasuf Application

  1. First, please download and install the Ultrasuf APK application on the Play Store.
  2. Open the application and then you select or click the Options menu, there will be a row of small boxes (please check all), then you select Proxy Settings and click OK.
  3. Please fill in the Proxy with the latest Proxy code from Axis that is still active. But if you don’t want to fill it in, you can check the Directly Use Ultrasuf section and click OK.
  4. If the setting has been successful, a notification will appear with the message “Successfully Connected to Server”.
  5. Next, please open the Mozilla Browser application > then click the Firefox Menu > select Options.
  6. After that, please go to the Advance tab and please select Network > fill in all the fields with Proxy and Axis Port > then click OK > Done

4. How to Free Axis Internet Using the Axis Hitz Application

  1. First, please download and install the Axis Hitz application on the Play Store.
  2. Then you open the application and do the configuration settings by changing the Proxy Server code to 8.3.8 with port 8080.
  3. After that you check the Remote Port section.
  4. Tab the Proxy Type section and you select Willing Host/No Proxy.
  5. If you have, please return to the home page and click the button Connect to connect the internet connection.

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That’s the discussion on how to get free internet Axis unlimited 24 hours full that you can try right now. Please try the method until you can succeed in it. Hopefully it can be useful and good luck.

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