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Stay with a Japanese Feel at the Ninja & Geisha Capsule Hotel

O-ike Traveling in Osaka has just created the Ninja & Geisha Capsule Hotel which is filled with very Japanese nuances. The concept of this hotel presents various Japanese characteristics, one of which is the image of Raijin and Fuijin who are the gods of thunder and the god of wind in Japanese beliefs.

The location of the Ninja & Geisha Capsule Hotel is very strategic. It is only about a minute’s walk from Hankyu Awaji Station of Osaka and three minutes from JR Awaji Station. The capsule hotel has lockers large enough to store visitors’ luggage. The facilities provided are also quite complete. On the first floor there are convenience store, on the second floor there is an area fitness and gymand on the fifth floor there is lounge decorated with lanterns.

Rooms at the Ninja & Geisha Capsule Hotel have a total of 96 sleeping capsules and are differentiated by gender. The sleeping capsule for men is on the third floor, complete with dressing room, bathroom with bathtub (bathroom)and bathroom with shower (shower room). The female sleeping capsule is on the fourth floor with the same facilities as the male area on the third floor.

The opening of the Ninja & Geisha Capsule Hotel was held on July 22. There is a special offer during the opening, namely the cost of staying per night starting from 2,800 yen (Rp. 309,984). If you want to experience staying in a place with a typical Japanese atmosphere, this hotel is perfect for a visit.

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Source: soranews24, japantoday

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