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Spotify Premium Apk App Free Download

Spotify- Spotify is one of the leading applications that can be used to stream audio.

This application is also quite famous in its development, its users are increasing day by day. then for the version, there are 2 versions that can be used, namely the free version and the premium version.

Although there have been many applications that are similar to this application, but in terms of quality and popularity, the first rating is Spotify.

Especially for users who use the mod version of the application, it can be possible to use all the premium features.

Spotify App Review

For those of you who have never used this application, then you should know more about this application.

The spotify application itself is the number 1 leading application in the world of audio streaming, it has been proven by the achievement of 60 million users and holds the best rank in the focus of its use.

Its high popularity is not due to the ease of streaming audio alone, but also because there are excellent features that can support its use.

For example, it can be used on all smartphone devices to desktop devices, the availability of music suggestions that can be adjusted to the user’s interests using song playlist history, high quality audio, copyright protected songs, there is a free subscription plan option.

When looking at its sophisticated features, of course its popularity is no longer in doubt, but even so, there are still shortcomings in the application.

If you are usually a bit disturbed by the sudden appearance of ads, then you can switch to using the Spotify premium apk application.

Spotify App Featured


As previously discussed, this application has advantages that other versions of Palikais may not have.

especially in this premium Spotify application, you don’t have to worry about paying additional fees, because you can use this application for free.

It will be more complete if you know all the advantages as follows:

1. Fitur Sportify Connect Unlock

the first feature, there is sportify connect which you can use to listen to songs with more fun.

2. No Ads

It would be disturbing not if you had to see ad impressions before using the application, then this application has ensured that there are no ads when using the application.

you can listen to music without any more problems, your activities can still run smoothly.

3. Seeking Music and Audio Features

Next, you will be able to freely search for the audio and song you want, very different if you use the original VRSIA application which has been determined from there.

4. Play All Songs For Free

In its use, you will be given the freedom to play all songs without going through the song download process first.

But you have to remember, that in its use, it must also be equipped with a supporting internet connection so that it runs smoothly.

There are many options that you can play such as songs from various countries such as Korea etc.

5. Unlimited Shuffle Features

For the Ali version itself, the suffle feature is limited to only six times per hour, but in this case it is very different from the premium version of Sportify, which has unlimited features using the shuffle.

6. Free to choose songs

For the modified version, you can find freedom like this, there is convenience in the form of freedom in choosing the song you like. so it’s not wrong if this application has a lot of fans.

7. Features Unlock Extreme Audio

Using this feature, you can have higher quality audio that is different from the original version of the application.

The number of equalizers used so that they can make songs have their own quality and of course very interesting

8. Features Unlock Repeat, Storyline and Canvas

If the original version of the application cannot be opened, then now you can freely use the application.

Not only that, you can enjoy it for free and you can also find out the song through the songwriter with the intention of questioning the purpose of the song.

9. Features Disable Ananlityc and Crashlytics

The purpose of the features of this application is that it can be used to surf to understand the mood version of this application.

10. Can Create Playlists

This last feature allows you to collect your current favorite songs, and you can create playlists of songs and music that you like.

Then you will get a listening experience that is easy and fast to use, enjoy it and don’t forget to download the apk, okay?

Download the Spotify Premium Apk App


Interestingly, in this application, a trial has been carried out whether this application can be infiltrated with malware viruses or not.

However, the results were not alarming and nothing happened. this allows this application is still safe to use even though the modified version.

Keep in mind again that this application is a mod version that will not be found on the google play store, and the download method is somewhat different from the usual apk.

Then you can download the application using this link Here

Only with a file size of 30 MB, you can use the application satisfied and free by using its interesting features.

For new users, who experience confusion while downloading. there is nothing wrong if you follow the steps as below:

  • The first step is to click on the link with a browser using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • then wait for all the pages to open and check the information with the information listed on the web site.
  • Next, continue by clicking download and wait until the process is successful.
  • if it is, then the application file will be saved in the file manager menu
  • the downloaded file uses the ZIP format, then you can use the application specifically as an extract which will become an apk
  • then through the extract earlier, the file will change its name to

However, you can check whether the extracted file can be downloaded properly and there is no damage.

If there is damage, of course there will be a reduction in the use of the application. this is very vulnerable, considering this application is a modification that is not available on the google play store.

How to Install the Spotify Premium Apk Application


For the installation process, the spotify mod application is quite different from most of the installation process in general.

As a reference material, you can follow the steps as follows:

  • check again whether you have downloaded the application properly
  • then allow the installation process by clicking on unknown sources
  • then open the settings menu on each hp device
  • Next, open apps and notifications by clicking until they are blue and active.
  • then open the file manager and click the file.
  • if the information box appears on the right, then click install for the next process
  • when finished, then click open to open the application.

Now until the process, you can already use the application and enjoy all its features freely.

However, don’t forget to turn off the install unknown apps section so that the device can prevent dangerous viruses.


That was about the most popular application for streaming music, the features contained in this premium version of the Spotify application are very interesting.

If you are interested in using it especially for free, then take advantage of the link above so you can download the application.

Enjoy the exciting features and ease of accessing its users, good luck.

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