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Recognize 12 Symptoms of High Cholesterol, Don’t Wait Too Bad! , Recognize 12 Symptoms of High Cholesterol, Don’t Wait Too Bad!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Excessive cholesterol levels have the potential to cause adverse health effects. When cholesterol levels in the blood are high, a person is more at risk of experiencing various health problems such as hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. For this reason, it is important to recognize the symptoms of high cholesterol so that it can be treated properly.

There are a number of symptoms that indicate a person has high cholesterol to watch out for, along with their exposure:

1. Impotence

The appearance of impotence can be one of the characteristics of high cholesterol. This condition can occur because the buildup of cholesterol creates plaque in the arteries, thereby blocking blood circulation to the penis.

2. Legs and hands are easy to tingle

Possible symptoms that will occur with high cholesterol are easy tingling of the feet and hands. In fact, sometimes the feet also experience pain, soreness, or uncomfortable conditions when used to walk or even move.

3. Jaw pain

Pain in the jaw is one symptom of a possible impending heart attack with high cholesterol. Therefore, this can be one of the symptoms of high cholesterol that you can watch out for.

4. Tired easily

Fatigue is often experienced in people who have high cholesterol levels. This condition occurs when the body does not get blood circulation with sufficient oxygen levels. The organs of the body are forced to metabolize hard, while the heart and blood vessels have problems. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the body to feel tired and unmotivated, which is often experienced as a symptom of high cholesterol levels.

5. Chest pain

Chest pain is one of the complications of high cholesterol. This happens because high cholesterol levels can cause a buildup of fatty substances in the arteries. This buildup has the potential to cause chest pain, increasing the patient’s risk of having a heart attack.

6. Xanthelasma

That is cholesterol deposits under the skin tissue, usually around the eyes. When this happens, you usually see a light yellow spot at the end of your eyelid or a small, solid lump in a fold of your body such as your heel, elbow, or knee.

7. Often

When the liver is filled with high levels of fat, complaints arise in the form of discomfort, bloating, and even nausea. This condition can increase the risk of cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

8. Cramps

Symptoms of high cholesterol can also be cramps in some parts of the body at night when you wake up from sleep. Cramps occur in the heels, soles of the feet, and others. The pain will go away when the body is moved.

9. Easily Sleepy

Frequent yawning will result in reduced oxygen supply to the brain. If the frequency of yawning is unnatural, you should be suspicious because it could be due to the buildup of high cholesterol so that the oxygen supply to the brain is not optimal.

10. Pain in the Neck or Shoulder

Your neck or shoulders often feel sore? It is possible that this occurs due to lack of oxygen and blood supply to the area which will lead to the buildup of cholesterol. Address it immediately so that it is not sustainable.

11. Headache

One of the signs or symptoms of high cholesterol is a headache. Headaches in the back that appear can be very annoying and feel heavy and even interfere with activities. This headache will gradually improve along with a decrease in blood cholesterol levels.

12. Weird Smell

Another sign is that you often smell a strange smell, or what is known as a phantom odor perception. From research published in the journal Laryngoscope in 2020, it is known that there are at least three odors that do not actually exist, but are often smelled ranging from unpleasant odors, burning odors, and foul odors.

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