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Pascal’s Law – Definition, Application, Formulas, Example Problems , Pascal’s Law – Definition, Application, Formulas, Example Problems

Articles about Pascal’s Law and its application includes definitions, formulas, benefits, history, examples and pictures for easy understanding.

Pascal’s law is one of the laws by stating the pressure that will be exerted on a liquid with a closed so that it will continue in the same direction.

For more details, just see the discussion below:

What is Pascal’s Law?

Pascal’s Law is one form of formulation with the laws of physics because it has explained the pressure that gives the fluid in a static state with the closure of so that it can also be continued with the same pressure direction.

It also has an emphasis on magnitude in each area or reference principle so that it can cover and be well defined about the software.

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Pascal’s Law Formulas

PA = PB and F1 = F2

If :

F1 – A1 = F2 – A2 if F1 = A1 – A2 x F2 then F1 = (D1 – D2)2 x = F2

Symbol Description

F1 – F2 = is the force on surface A with surface B Newton – N

A1 – A2 = is the surface area of ​​A with surface B on a square – m2

D1 – D2 = is the diameter from surface A to surface B with a coverage of meters – m

Pascal’s Law Benefits

From some of the reviews above sometimes have various benefits regarding daily life with applications that make it very easy to move.

The following are some of the benefits of Pascal’s law:

  • Can facilitate a human activity by making a lighter summary so that it is interconnected with heavy objects.
  • Can launch activities with existing industries.
  • Can do software with technology as needed.
  • Can use it by continuing to develop in life.

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Pascal’s Legal History

Pascal’s law has existed and was discovered by one of the scientists who studied mathematics and physics from France, namely “Blaise Pascal“In 1623, this moment has come.

So scientists have stated that the pressure on the surface of a fluid will be transmitted in a number of fluid directions.

Application of Pascal’s Law

Actually the application of what happens to Pascal’s law will offer an impact and application of the workings of making it possible to make the difference between large objects and heavy objects.

The following are some of the legal applications, including the following:

  • Hydraulic Machine is one of its applications by carrying out in lifting four-wheeled vehicles or using other assistive devices.
  • Bike pump this is an application with a bicycle pump and requires a very strong force so that the wheels will be easily filled.
  • press machine This is a form of application for receiving measurements to be stored easily.

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Examples of Pascal’s Law Problems

From some of the reviews that we have described above, here are also some descriptions of examples of Pascal’s law in the form of questions, which are as follows:

Example 1

A tool called a hydraulic or lifter on a car with a ratio of area and size so that it can be compared with 1:5 then this tool will be used to lift a weight of 5000 then determine how much force to lift the car.


A1 = 1- A2 = 5- F2 = 5000

Wanted: F1


The force that would be exerted by lifting a car would require a pressure of 5000 or 1000 weight.

Example 2

There is a car with a weight of 7,000 by fixing the bottom while the car will be lifted by a car lift with a force of 200. then calculate the area traversed by the piston at 5. with the size of the piston.


A1 = 5 – 5 x 10 x m2

F1 = 7,000

F2 = 200


A2 = ………


F1 : A1 – F2 = A2 N

While A2 = F2: F1 – A2 N

A2 = 7,000 : 200) -5 = N

Then the cross-sectional area of ​​the piston is 0.2 piston

That’s all we can say about the discussion of Pascal’s Law and some of the formulas and their application and history, hopefully this article can be useful and beneficial for all of us, thank you very much.

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