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ONIC Kayes Clarifies and Denies Viral Videos Without Clothing , ONIC Kayes Clarifies and Denies Viral Videos Without Clothing – ONIC Kayes has officially provided clarification and rebuttal to rumors or unpleasant issues that dragged his name about viral videos without clothes.

Where lately a lot of social media users have uploaded information in the form of viral video clips like ONIC Kayes without clothes to social media networks.

Due to this concern, ONIC Kayes has sported a clarification and rebuttal to the slanted accusation through his Instagram Story on August 3, 2022 yesterday.

The following is the official clarification and rebuttal of ONIC Kayes regarding the slanted news that is quite a scene on various social media such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram.

First, ONIC Kayes advised social media users not to believe the misleading information and it was edited by irresponsible people.

“Hello guys, who’s really busy… well, it’s not me,” said Kayes on Instagram Story, while clarifying and refuting the slanted accusation.

Kayes again asked netizens not to immediately believe in obscene videos that mention his name as viral on social media.

Kayes said that the woman in the video is not her as many people think which has recently gone viral on social media.

“Hello guys, it’s really busy. Oh my gosh it’s not me guys it’s edited. Don’t be quick to believe guys like that,” said Kayes, as reported by Instagram Story @ewkharis.

Kayes explained that the case had existed for a long time and advised not to be too quick to believe in misleading news.

“Since ancient times, there have been cases like this very often, whether you want an artist, want an influencer, until I get hit too, it’s a shame if you believe in fakes,” he said.

Furthermore, Kayes asked netizens to stop sharing false news that dragged his name. “Alright guys, stop reposting or sharing,” said Kayes.

Even the ONIC brand ambassador will find and report the party who spreads the false news. “I’m looking for people who spread lies like this,” he said.

“I will report it to the police until I find the house with the same identity. I’ve asked ONIC for help too. Just wait,” added Kayes.

That’s Kayes’ clarification about the video that dragged his name, even the ONIC brand ambassador didn’t hesitate to report it to the police.

MEDIA ADVICE: Be wise in using social media, don’t easily spread misleading information so that it causes harm to people who feel their names are tainted.

Social media is not really for sharing obscene content. The use of social media for entertainment and information sharing is educational and inspiring for all.

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