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List of Cheapest HotSale Tri Internet Packages offering Big Quota

How to Register Internet Package HotSale Tri (3) 112GB Rp.112,000 – Along with the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia, providers are competing to provide internet package promos to attract smartphone users to buy their starter packs and internet packages.

And of course you already know that Provider 3 (Tri) is one provider that often provides internet packages at low prices and various kinds of attractive and attractive monthly Hot Sales promos for users.

Hot Sale 3 internet package promo is a promo that offers internet quota products with a certain time limit for Indonesia 3 prepaid card users.

You can get this promo starting March 14 and will end until April 13. You are also allowed to purchase the package multiple times without the limit of purchasing the internet promo package of your choice.

List of Cheapest Tri (3) Hot Sale Internet Packages with Big Quota

Here is a list of HotSale tri internet packages that offer large quotas but at very affordable prices, perfect for those of you who like to download large files. see more in the table below.

Product Details Active time Initial Price (Rp) (including VAT) Promo Price (Rp) (including VAT)
1,5GB (1GB + 500MB kuota Youtube/Netflix) + 20 menit telpon 7 Days 20.000 15.000
3GB (2GB + 1GB kuota Youtube/Netflix) 5 Days 39.000 20.000
16GB (6GB + 5GB valid at 01.00-09.00 WIB + 5GB Weekend quota) 14 Days 55.000 45.000
8.5GB + 100 minutes call + 100 SMS + play games on Trixogo and subscribe to VIU 30 days 99.000 60.000
20GB (10GB + 10GB quota for Youtube/Netflix) + 100 minutes of calls 30 days 90.000 70.000
25GB (15GB + 10GB Youtube/Netflix quota) only available on bima+ 30 days 100.000 75.000
40GB (20GB + 10GB Chat quota + 10GB valid at 01.00 – 09.00 WIB) 30 days 125.000 100.000
112GB (12GB + 45GB 4G (1.5GB/Day) + 55GB applies at 01.00 – 09.00 WIB) 30 days 150.000 112.000

How to Activate

  • Open the calling app, then press *123*4# then press the call button.
  • Follow the next instructions. And wait for the confirmation SMS that you have successfully purchased the Hot Sale package.
  • You can also buy using the app Bima+.

From the list of internet packages above, it seems that provider 3 offers products to prepaid card users to buy internet package promos with an active period of 30 days.

For myself, I would definitely prefer to buy the 112GB package (12GB + 45GB 4G (1.5GB/Day) + 55GB valid at 01.00 – 09.00 WIB).

Details 12GB can be used for 2G, 3G and 4G networks, 45GB specifically on 4G networks and 55GB can only be used at midnight from 1 am to 9 pm.

The 112GB Hot Sale Package can be purchased more than once, but only the main internet quota is 12GB and the internet quota is 55GB (valid from 01.00 – 09.00 WIB).

Meanwhile, the 45GB 4G internet quota (1.5GB/day) is not accumulated or in other words the maximum quota is 1.5GB/day for 30 days.

So if for example we buy 2x then we will lose 45GB. From 112GB, the internet quota used is 4GGB 4G quota (1.5GB/day).

Meanwhile, the 12GB internet quota will be used if we are not in an area with a 4G network or have used a 1.5GB 4G internet quota every day.

It must be admitted that this is the cheapest promo offer among other data packages because the price is the same as Rp. 1,000/GB. May be useful.

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So that’s our discussion about How to Register Internet Package HotSale Tri (3) 112GB at a price of Rp.112,000, you can activate it easily as above. Thanks.

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