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Highlife musician Kwaisey Pee has clapped again at his youthful brother, Criss Waddle over the notorious narrative that Criss Waddle is part of the Sakawa geng.

In an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje, Kwaisey Pee said he was shocked to study that his brother, Criss Waddle, had spoken out towards him.

A month earlier, Criss Waddle complained that he and his older brother Kwaisey Pee had an issue as a result of Kwaisey Pee wouldn’t defend him on “Sakawa” and the fraud tag that had been positioned on him.

Criss Waddle, in an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje of Angel FM, stated that he and Kwaisey Pee used to get alongside properly and that they’d usually discuss enterprise.

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Nevertheless, he did say that issues between them soured when Kwaisey Pee gave an interview wherein he claimed he was unaware of Criss Waddle’s monetary supply.

Kwaisey Pee responded to Criss Waddle’s allegations by saying that they have been unfounded since Criss Waddle was solely a bit of youngster.

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He’s our youngest and youngest youngster, so I gained’t maintain it towards him if he makes false accusations towards me, however after studying them I had to wonder if he’s all proper.

“I recall telling the interviewer that he’s concerned in enterprise and actual property, however perhaps he was anticipating me to say extra in protection of him than that. “He says I didn’t defend him towards the sakawa tag and his enterprise, which is flawed.”


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