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Identification of natural and artificial materials in soft craft products , Identification of natural and artificial materials in soft craft products

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group images and give each image a Type, Material, Technique, and Medium *images are counted from 1.1-1.6​

write down the benefits of soft material crafts??​

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identify natural and artificial materials in soft material craft products. specify: type of material, characteristics, shape, size, color, texture, construction technique


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artificial material craft – 1. Gypsum

Material Type : Gypsum Characteristics : Mineral material which is not soluble in water and in powder form.Form : none (powder)Size : none (powder form Huna : White Texture : Smooth Manufacturing Technique : Printed Powder drawing Gypsum: Handicraft drawing from plaster :

– handicrafts from plastic

2. Fiberglass (Fiberglass) Material Type: Fiber Glass (Fiberglass) Characteristics: Fiber Glass is pulled into thin fibers Shape: customized mold Size: customized mold Color: Clear Texture: no glass fiber crafts:

– meaning of handmade material

3. Candle Type of Material: Wax Characteristics: Solid material derived from beeswax and paraffinShape: adjusted to the mold Size: adapted to the mold Color: white Texture: smooth

– Mention 5 examples of crafts from artificial materials

craft made of wax : 4. SoapMaterial Type : soap Characteristics : solid material derived from detergent Shape : adapted to the mold Size : adapted to the mold Color : white Texture : smooth and slippery Image of handicraft from soap :

– crafts from artificial materials and how to make them

Mention 10 examples of types of artificial materials

– crafts from artificial materials that are easy to make

1) gypsum 2) soap 3) wax 4) plastic 5) fiberglass 6) cloth 7) clay 8) glass 9) synthetic leather 10) paper

– what is meant by two-dimensional art?

1. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) 2. Saccharin 3. Cyclamate 4. Dulcine 5. Sorbitol 6. Aspartame Examples of preservatives are sodium benzoate, sodium nitrate, citric acid, and sorbic acid.

examples of artificial materials


– mention examples of artificial materials

)gypsum2)soap3)wax4)plastic5)fiberglass6)fabric7)clay8)glass9)synthetic leather10)paper

With the news that we present about crafts from artificial materials

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Identifying artificial materials in craft products

Soft material craft consists of natural and artificial

Soft material crafts are handicraft products made of soft materials, namely pliable, soft, soft and easy to shape.

Usually it takes special skills to make furniture or goods from these materials.

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What is Soft Material Craft?

Photo: clay (Orami Photo Stock)

Soft material consists of two ingredients, natural and artificial soft material. Both can be formed into various kinds of crafts, natural and artificial soft materials.

1. Natural Soft Material

True to its name, natural soft materials come from nature such as clay sand and natural fibers such as leaves, flowers, tree bark and animal skins.

In addition, natural soft materials do not require a mixture of other ingredients when processed into a product.

2. Artificial Soft Material

Soft bolt material usually comes from something made by humans. For example, clay soap, wax, paper pulp, plaster, fiberglass, sponge and other materials.

Then, what are natural and artificial crafts that can be profitable products? Check out the following article, Moms.

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Natural Soft Material Craft

Crafts from natural soft materials are usually made from materials that are inside and do not require additional materials for processing.

The following are some of the consequences of making natural soft materials according to the ingredients they are made from.

1. Clay

Photo: making a bowl (Orami Photo Stock)

Clay is the most common natural material on the market.

Usually this type of material will be processed into handicrafts from natural materials such as flower vases, jars, plates, earthenware and other food complements.

2. Skin

Photo: leather wallet (Orami Photo Stock)

Natural materials are often processed into soft material crafts such as wallets, bags or others.

The raw material for this craft uses tanned animal skin so that it is easy to shape.

The color of this natural soft craft material varies, ranging from brown, white, black or beige according to the animal skin used.

The type of leather used comes from cows, snakes, harimats, bauta and others.

3. Rattan

Photo: rattan chair (Orami Photo Stock)

Rattan is one of the materials used to make crafts from soft natural materials.

Because it is more difficult to process, handicrafts from natural fiber are usually processed into various types of furniture at fantastic prices, Moms.

The thinner rattan fibers can also be processed into woven products, such as baskets or cages for chickens or birds.

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Artificial Soft Material Craft

In addition to using natural materials, soft material crafts can also be made using other materials.

Crafts made of soft materials usually use raw materials that are chemically processed before becoming a finished product.

Moms also have to spend more when processing these raw materials. Because artificial soft materials tend to be more expensive than natural materials.

Then, what are the crafts of artificial soft materials? Here’s Mom’s explanation.

4. Gypsum

Photo: table view (Orami Photo Stock)

Crafts made of natural soft materials are usually made of plaster. It is a mineral material containing calcium hydrate, carbonate, nitrite sulfate and others.

This raw material is usually in the form of a powder and then mixed with water until it becomes a thick dough.

Then Moms can process it with a cast or print technique until it hardens.

Gypsum has a brittle texture, so you need to be careful when processing it.

Types of crafts made using plaster are decorative sculptures, wall reliefs, flower vases, photo frames and others.

The hallmark of the soft material of gypsum is its white color. Because it is rare for craftsmen to do coloring for this craft.

5. Soap

Photo: soap (Orami Photo Stock)

In addition to bathing, it turns out that soap can also be used for handicraft raw materials, you know Moms! The type used is bar soap because of its dense texture and easy processing.

There are various ways to process soap into crafts, such as carving or mixing it with sago and water. Then, you can shape the soap according to your dreams.

6. Polymer Clay

Photo: clay (Orami Photo Stock)

Another material that can be used to make soft material crafts is polymer clay.

It is an artificial clay based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polymer and can harden

The journal Environmental Health Perspectives explains that PVC is a material that is harmful to human health and is not properly cared for.

However, currently many clay polymers are processed according to health standards.

So, Moms don’t have to worry about making or buying craft products from this material.

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7. Paraffin

Photo: candle (Orami Photo Stock)

Paraffin is a soft material that comes from processing petroleum. The general form is slab, but there is also a granular form.

The type of craft that is processed using this material is decorative candles. In addition, paraffin is also processed into wax for treatment.

The Pakistan Journal of Medical Science explains that joint therapy is more effective with paraffin wax baths.

Well, in addition to decoration, paraffin can also be used for treatment, you know, Moms!

8. pulp

Photo: used newspaper (Orami Photo Stock)

Crafts from natural soft materials can also be made using used paper, Moms!

The method is also easy, destroy the used paper and mix it with water, glue, flour and other materials needed.

So that the texture is not too mushy, you should mix the starch, glue and water in the same ratio.

Because if the dough is too soft, it will be difficult to shape as desired.

After the texture is appropriate, Moms can process it into various shapes according to taste. Don’t forget to color it to make it more interesting.

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Well, that’s crafts from natural and artificial soft materials that you can try to make at home. You can also introduce your little one to get used to being creative with their creativity!


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