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How to Shop on TikTok Shop

For those of you who don’t know how to shop at Tiktok Shop then you are in the right article.

Who does not know the social media application Tiktok which is one of the most popular types of applications in the world.

It turns out that besides being able to be used as an entertainment medium, the Tiktok application has also been transformed into a video game market place.

Maybe Tiktok users don’t know much about the Tiktok Shop feature because it can be said that this is a new feature.

Recently, the Tiktok Shop feature has become a hot topic of discussion by netizens, especially by Tiktok users.

Many say that the prices of goods on the Tiktok application are much cheaper than other market places.

Therefore, many people want to try shopping through the Tiktok application because it is considered more profitable.

But because the Tiktok Shop feature is still relatively new, not many users know how to shop on Tiktok.

For this reason, here we will share information with friends about Tiktok Shop and how to shop at Tiktok Shop.

Of course, you can buy a lot of people in the Tiktok application like buying products on market place others like Shopee.

However, what makes the difference is the many advantages that you can get by shopping at Tiktok Shop compared to e-commerce other.

Well, for a more complete explanation of Tiktok and how to use it, see the discussion in this article.

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Tiktok Shop Review

Tiktok Shop is one of the newest features in the Tiktok application that allows users to do online shopping.

As we know that all activities can now be done without having to leave the house, including when you want to buy something.

In Indonesia alone there are many e-commerce platform which provides various types of products both from within and outside the country.

Initially the Tiktok application was just an ordinary social media application that contained various videos with a duration that was not too long.

However, with the increasing popularity of the Tiktok application, Tiktok began to spread its wings to become a market place.

Although Tiktok Shop is a new feature, many sellers and buyers have benefited from this feature.

In fact, the Tiktok Shop feature is considered to be able to compete with marketplace platform others in Indonesia such as Shopee, Tokopedia, etc.

Because in the Tiktok application, online shops can promote and sell products on the same platform.

This is certainly more attractive to buyers because there is no need to leave the application if you want to buy the product.

Where we know that initially the Tiktok application was also used as a social media place to promote various products.

With the Tiktok Shop feature, Tiktok users will benefit more because they can find entertainment and shop in just one application.

So, have you guys ever bought an item from the Tiktok application? or you don’t know how to buy it.

For those of you who don’t know how to buy goods on Tiktok Shop, here we will explain through the following discussion.

How to Shop on Tiktok Shop

In this discussion, we will share information with friends about how to shop or buy goods on Tiktok Shop.

Tiktok loyal users must have known that this application has released a feature that is almost similar to market place.

Where this feature allows users to buy various products that are provided easily and at affordable prices.

However, because it’s still new, there are also many users who don’t know how to shop at Tiktok Shop.

Here, the admin will share information with friends about the steps for shopping through the Tiktok application with the Tiktok Shop feature.

  • First, “open tiktok app” in the smartphone.
  • After that select the menu “Discovers” and search for the online shop you want.
  • Then tap the profile of the store and select menu “Shop”.
How to Shop on Tiktok Shop
  • In the menu there will be various products for sale and “choose a product” want to buy.
  • If you have found what product you want to buy, just click on the product.
  • Next select the button “Buy with coupons” or you can also press “Buy Now”.
buy now
  • After that you will enter the menu “Order Summary” then enter all required data such as address, product description purchased, etc.
complete address
  • Then “choose payment method”for example through Indomart.
make payment
  • After that, follow the instructions until you get the payment code.
  • “Make payment” immediately because the time limit is only 42 Hours.
  • Once you have made a payment, your order will be processed by the seller immediately.

Well, those are the steps to shopping through the Tiktok Shop feature and there are already 7 different payment methods available.

The seven payment methods in Tiktok Shop are OVO, GOPAY, Indomart, Alfamart, Credit Card, and Bank Transfer.

In other words, you can make payments in cash or non-cash, just adjust it according to your needs.

How to Shop at Tiktok Shop Via Live Streaming

In the Tiktok application, there are several ways that you can do if you want to buy a product from a store online shop.

You can buy items in Tiktok Shop through events live streaming what sellers are doing oonline shop.

As we know that in the Tiktok application there is a live streaming feature where users can share activities directly.

This feature is often used by users to earn additional income or promote the products being sold.

From this live broadcast event, users can buy products that are being promoted by the seller.

Then how to shop for products on Tiktok Shop through live broadcast events carried out by the account online shop owner.

  • First, “open tiktok app” in the smartphone.
  • After that just go “click the profile of the store that is doing a live event”.
  • If the account owner is selling various products, a special button will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you are interested in buying, just go ahead “click the button and select the desired variant and quantity”.
  • After that select “Buy Now” and enter the complete delivery address data.
  • Then click “Payment Method” and select the payment method you want.
  • After that press “Continue” then select “Place Order” and make payment.
  • Done, the product you bought will be sent immediately.

Well, those are the steps for shopping through the Tiktok Shop feature when the seller’s account is doing a live broadcast event.

For the time being, Tiktok does not charge shipping fees to users who shop through this feature.

And it looks like it’s a form of promotion for its newest feature, Tiktok Shop, so make the most of this free shipping moment.

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How to Check Order History on Tiktok

How to check order history

When you have finished shopping and making payments, your order will automatically be packaged and sent by the seller.

If you buy a product through Tiktok, you can monitor the packaging process until the delivery of the product that has been purchased.

This is of course the same as the application e-commerce others where the buyer can find out the delivery process and the existence of the package.

For those of you who don’t know how to check your order history on Tiktok, see the steps below.

  • First, open the Tiktok application and directly select the menu “Profile”.
  • Then “click the three line button” which is in the top right corner.
  • After that click option “Order”
  • There are several options that you can choose according to your needs, for example, if you want to see shipping, then select the option “Sent”.
  • All information about your order will appear, from the time of packaging to the location of the package being sent.

Well, those are the steps to check the order history that you have made in the Tiktok application.

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With the Tiktok Shop feature, it is easier for users to buy the desired product at any time.

That’s the discussion this time about how to shop on Tiktok Shop that admin can convey.

We hope that the explanation we provide in this article can be understood and useful for those who read it.

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