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Examples of Business Opportunities in the Field of Technology for the Side at Home , Examples of Business Opportunities in the Field of Technology for the Side at Home– A side business is really needed at this time. Not a real business but income, yes to meet the increasing needs of life sometimes we need additional income.

Additional income can be obtained from a business or a side job, but of course a business is a wise choice.

Even though it started as a small side business, that doesn’t mean it can’t grow big. There are so many successful entrepreneurs who used to only manage a side business. The most important thing is determination, intention and hard work.

So as an inspiration for those of you who have expertise in technology, here are some examples of business opportunities that you can try at home on the side.

#1 Laptop and Gadget Service

Do you have expertise in servicing laptops, computers or gadgets?

You can use it as a side business, because nowadays there are so many and even every home must have one of these technologies.

This makes this type of business quite potential to try and run.

You can start promoting your business to your neighbors and colleagues first.

Prepare banners and create flyers to reach a wider audience.

2 Creating a Blog

Creating a blog can be one of the most promising business options.

You can start by creating a free blog first, then if you start to understand the ins and outs of this blog, move to a more professional platform, such as self-hosted WordPress.

There are so many income opportunities from this blog later, such as from providing ad space, following google adsense, joining affiliate programs or selling their own products and many others.

3 Online Selling Businesses by Creating an Online Store

Selling online has many conveniences including our wider market reach, no need to bother renting a kiosk and minimizing initial capital.

Having an online store does not have to have your own goods because we can sell other people’s goods with the dropship system.

With this system, we don’t have to bother packing and shipping goods, so we only focus on promotions.

However, if you have your own product, that’s even better, for example if you already have an offline store and want to increase your revenue turnover by utilizing online media.

4 Become a Freelancer

Being a freelancer can be an interesting endeavor. Some time ago we visited a publisher forum in a well-known homeland and found out that there are kids in the country who can make up to $500/month on fiverr.

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance sites. You can go in there and see what your skills have to offer, learn from some of the freelancers out there. In addition to these sites in Indonesia, there is also a similar site called Sribulancer.

The final word

Well, that’s about what we can convey about examples of business opportunities in the field of technology for a part time at home, hopefully the examples of side businesses above can be useful for those of you who have expertise in the field of technology.

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