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Cardi B Denies Involvement In Nicki Minaj ‘Fake Assistant’ Drama ‣

Cardi B is denying that she had something to do with the current drama surrounding Nicki Minaj after a troll account reportedly claimed to be her ex-assistant and was dishing grime on the rapper.

The account popped up days in the past on Instagram underneath the identify of a label govt and utilizing the photograph of a Enterprise Insider journalist whereas sharing a number of allegations about Minaj and her husband and likewise sharing details about the rapper’s life.

Nicki Minaj, who had addressed the troll account, claimed that it was an try by one other fan base to execute their plan to take her down. Whereas she didn’t name names, it’s extensively identified that she and Bronx rapper Cardi B don’t notably get pleasure from a relationship as a consequence of their previous rivalry. Followers have additionally continued the drama as they discover methods to match and pit the rappers in opposition to one another and this newest incident with Nicki say the Barbz throwing photographs at Bardi gang followers.

Cardi B denied that she had something to do with it as she defended herself, noting that she was requested by bloggers for enter on the “tea.” She mentioned all of it’s false because the troll account additionally made allegations that Minaj was recorded talking unwell of Cardi’s kids.

In a uncommon second, Cardi says she didn’t consider the account and known as the claims lies.

“Lots of issues I’m seeing is ppl be saying oh you be discussing this, this and that with Arman. No,” Cardi B started.

“Lots of blogs hit me up asking me about that bs that was occurring two days in the past and I advised all people, no, that isn’t true, there was lies speaking bout ‘oh Mike Will Made it advised you this and that and mentioned this about your child’, no. That’s not true, that isn’t true. ‘Have you ever reached out this and that’- no. it’s not true, I believe it’s false, I believe it’s a troll. And that what I advised Arman and what I advised all people else,” Cardi B mentioned.

The rapper added that she responded to questions from blogs as a result of she is uninterested in having false assumptions made about her.

“I’m not discussing all people, I’m telling ppl no this sh*t is a lie, as a result of guess what if I don’t reply to individuals they’re gonna assume that it’s actual after which they’re gonna run with it. I don’t lie on individuals and I’m not gonna let the narrative go that’s true. What’s unsuitable with me saying it’s a lie it’s not true,” she requested.

Cardi additionally known as out those that solely needed to see strife had she entertained the claims by the troll account and lashed out at Minaj.

“Y’all would have cherished it if I entertained it… ‘sure it’s true’… however that’s not true, I advised individuals it’s false, that’s a troll, that’s a troll account and that’s how I left it, good clear and there. And Arman wasn’t the one one which reached out. Lots of blogs DM me and quite a lot of blogs hit my publicist and we denied all of it and we mentioned it was a lie. thanks, keep it up,” the rapper ended.

Nicki Minaj, within the meantime, has been selling her music, whereas Cardi B just lately dropped her observe “Scorching Sh*t” with Kanye West and is reportedly engaged on her album to be launched this 12 months.

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