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5+ Profitable Small Capital Home Business Opportunities , 5+ Profitable Small Capital Home Business Opportunities – Small capital home-based business opportunity – Currently, entrepreneurship is becoming a trend in Indonesian society today.

This is inseparable from the government’s role in encouraging and supporting the rapid development of the community to have their own business.

A country is said to be developed if at least 4% of the population is an entrepreneur.

While in Indonesia alone the number is still around 2%, of course it needs to be boosted again so that Indonesia’s economic growth can be more stable and not inferior to foreign investors.

In general, there are now many small and medium businesses that have sprung up thanks to government programs that make it easier for people to have their own businesses.

SMEs or what stands for small and medium enterprises are also often faked into billions of small businesses, the reason being that technological advances make it easier for entrepreneurs to market their products more broadly, with the help of the internet, for example.

Many are misguided in interpreting business today, there are still many who think that money is the most important capital to run a business.

Whereas more than that, non-material capital such as determination and hard work are the most important things that must be owned by every individual, especially those who want to enter the business world.

An entrepreneur who has great determination will think about how to keep his business running even with small capital, whether it’s by minimizing capital, reducing promotional costs and so on.

However, with the internet it should not be too difficult to promote because by using the internet promotional costs can be kept to a minimum.

Running a business doesn’t mean you don’t need material capital either, because everything has to be balanced in order to run well and smoothly.

Well, here we will give some examples of business opportunities with small capital that you can run at home.

#1 Culinary Business

Of course, there are many examples of businesses in the culinary field, and a business in this field is one that is quite promising.

Because in Indonesia, its citizens really like a variety of delicious culinary.

The profit from the culinary business can reach 30%-60% of the capital you spend, how promising isn’t it?

Then what are the promising culinary businesses, here are examples:

  • Selling souvenirs
  • Open a restaurant
  • Open a cafe or coffee shop
  • Selling snacks and cakes
  • etc.

2 Farming Business

Business in agriculture is not only in villages, but those of you who live in urban areas can also pursue this business.

If you have a large yard, you can plant it with various plants that have high selling prices, such as ginger, celery and various other types of plants that have high selling prices. You can try planting them in polybags.

3 Farm Business

Farming is also very promising and easy to do, especially if you are an animal lover. You are a variety of animals that can be raised that have a high selling price.
As an example :

  • decorative cat
  • decorative rabbit
  • Cut chicken
  • catfish farming
  • Stone magpie cow
  • Love birds
  • etc.

4 Technology Sector

There are so many businesses in this technology field, especially with the presence of the internet which opens up various online business opportunities.

And now many businesses are using technology to thrive.
Examples of business in technology:

  • Laptop, printer and gadget service
  • Opening a computer course service
  • Photo and video service
  • Become a network technician
  • Become a blogger
  • Opening an online shop
  • Become a freelancer
  • Become a freelance writer
  • Become a designer (banners, logos, t-shirts, etc.)
  • etc.

5 Automotive Business

The automotive sector is one of the businesses that is in great demand today, along with the increasing number of motorized vehicles every year, the automotive business is very promising to be involved in.

Examples of businesses in the automotive sector, for example, motor vehicle or car service services and many others.

The final word

Well, that’s a little info on a small profitable home-based business opportunity that you can try at home to get big profits. Hopefully this information from us can be useful for you.

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