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15+ Mad Reading Laws with Explanations and Examples

Crazy Reading Law – Hello friends, is back with us, where this time we will discuss about Crazy Reading Lawfor a more clear and complete then see the explanation below.

In the process of learning to read the Qur’an, of course, we can find various types of reading and reading laws.

This is inseparable from the long and short readings that we often do when reading the hijaiyah letters in the Qur’an.

Well, on this occasion my friend will discuss some of the science of recitation which of course is always related to various kinds of crazy readings and also various types that are in the Qur’an.

Meaning of Crazy Reading

Crazy if studied linguistically has the meaning of expanding or it could be lengthening.

However, if it is associated with letters, it has a long meaning. As for mad, which according to the term is lengthening the reading (sound) when reading the letters of mad.

Previously, it should be noted that there are only three crazy letters, namely ا (alif), (yes’) too (wow).

If we have difficulty in memorizing these crazy letters, and it can be shortened to ‘ا ‘ (Beautiful).

That is, if there is an alif letter that is breadfruit or has no character, then it falls after the letter that has fathah (fathah).).

Then the letter wawu breadfruit or no character that falls after the character dhamah ().

And the letter yes’ breadfruit or no character that falls after the letter whose harokat is kasrah (ِ). ).

Kinds of Crazy Readings in the Qur’an

Reading the Qur’an by adjusting the length or shortness of the voice that we will chant, so that people who listen to the reading of the Qur’an around us will feel comfortable and also feel at home.

And also to keep the meaning of reading the Qur’an from changing. This also certainly requires a process for all of us who are learning to read the Qur’an.

That’s why we also have to know about this crazy reading which turns out to be various.

Previously, we should also know that there are two kinds of crazy reading. Namely Mad Tabi’i and Mad Far’i are branches of Mad Tabi’i.

The Law of Reading Mad Thabi’i

Crazy tabi’i or is it really crazy if there is one alif ( ا ) after fathahor Yesbreadfruit ( ) after love ( ) or the letter kite ( ) after dhamma ( ) then the reading is mad tabi’i law. Mad which means long and tabi’i is normal.

The way to read it is to read it long two vows or it can be called one alif, For example:

ا – ا – اانٌ

Crazy Far’i

Mad far’I is all crazy apart from mad thabi’I, because mad far’I comes from mad thabi’I, mad far’I can be read 2 to 6 harakat in length, mad far’I itself is divided into 14 parts,

The following is the law of reading from mad far’i:

1. Muttasil must be crazy

Muttasil must be crazy that is, when Mad Tabi’I met hamza (ء) in a word or sentence.

How to read it is read with a length of 3 alif (6 harakat). Usually mad is mandatory muttashil to have a line above the previous letter hamza.


السَّمَاءِ – النِّسَاءِ – ا

2. Law of Mad Aridh Lissukun

Mad aridh lissukun that is if there is waqof or stop and previously there was mad thobi’i or mad lein.

How to read it is to read it with a length of 2,4 or 6 harakat and if it is read washol or continue reading then read for example mad thobi’I which is 2 harakat.


الْعَالَمِيْن۞ – – لُوْن

3. Mad Iwad Law

Crazy Iwad is when the last sentence has a vowel fathah tanwin and read waqf (stop).

Read with a length of 1 alif (2 vowels).


ا – ا – ا

4. The Law of Mad Lazim Mukhaffaf Kilmi

the usual crazy kilmi mukhaffaf is when mad thobi’I that meets the letters that have area in one word. How to read it with a length of 3 alif or 6 harakat.

Mad means long, common means mandatory or mandatory, mukhaffaf means light, and kilmi means sentence.

This Mad only exists in 2 areas or only 2 verses in the Qur’an, namely in the Surah Yunus verses 21 and 91.


لْآنَ – لْآنَ

5. Mad Lazim Harfi Mukhaffaf Legal Law

Ordinary crazy harfi mukhaffaf also at the beginning of the verse of the Qur’an. There are 5 crazy letters on this one, namely:

– – – –


ال – –

6. The Law of Mad Shilah Qashirah

Mad Shilah Qashirah is lengthens the sound of the letter “ha dhomir” in a word, and previously there were vowels.


لَا – لَهُ ا – ل

7. Mad Tamkin’s Law

looking crazy is if there are two letters yes () and the letter yes () the first to pray or say kashroh and yes () second breadfruit.

Read it at length 2 harakat.


ال – لِّيِّينَ –

8. Mad Jaiz Munfashil Law Law

Mad Jaiz Munfashil is when the crazy tabi’i meet hamza (ء) but hamza it in another sentence or word.

Jaiz which means allowed, while Munfashil is separate.

For how to read it can be 2, 4, or 6 harakat, but most people will read it with 4 harakat.


لآ اَنَا – ا – الَا اِنَّهُمْ

9. Mad Badal’s Law

Crazy badal happened when there is a crazy letter too hamza (ء) are collected in one sentence, and for hamza will precede the mad letter.

Mad badal is read with a length of 2 harakat.

Mad is long and badal is a substitute.


الْأُولَىٰ – لُوْا – اَلصَّلَاةُ

10. Mad Lazim Mutsaqqal Kilmi. Law

Crazy mutsaqqal kilmi or it can also be called mad muthawwal, which is when nad thobi’I will meet tasydid letters in one word.

Usually the reading of mad mutsaqqal kilmi usually has a mark or a line above the letters, for example dimad must be muttashil.

How to read it is with a length of 6 harakat.


لْ اَتُحَاۤجُّوْنَنَا – لَا ا – ا ا

11. Harfi Musyba’s Ordinary Crazy Law

The law of reading from musyba mad harfi ordinary ‘ which is usually at the beginning of the letter. There are eight letters of the usual mad harfi musyba ‘, namely – – – – ل – – –

Read with a length of 6 Harakat.


ال – – ال

12. The Law of Mad Layyin Or Mad Lin

Crazy lin is if there is a letter waw breadfruit (و) or yes breadfruit (ي) where previously there were letters that had the word fathah.

Mad lin will be read with a length of 2 to 6 harakat.


ال – لَيْكُمْ –

13. Mad Shilah Thowilah Law

Mad shihah thowilah is if there is a mad qashirah or ‘ha dhomir’ who meets hamzah (ء)so reading it is the same as mad jaiz munfasil


ال لَدَهُ – لَّا

14. Mad Farq’s Law

The last one is mad farq, which is the meeting of two hamzahs where the first hamzah is hamzah isthifam and the second is hamzah washol and the meeting between mad badal and tasydid letters.

Mad Farqi Models:

ال – ال – الل

We have finished our discussion this time about Crazy Reading Lawand hopefully it can help you all and thank you for visiting and listening to this article to the end.

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