A Complete WordPress Website Development Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Build your own beautiful website using WordPress
  • Earn revenue through your website by monetizing your website
  • Choose the right CMS
  • Difference between WordPress and other CMS.
  • Introduction of WordPress
  • Download WAMP Server.
  • Download and Introduction of IDE.
  • Setup WAMP Server.
  • Download WordPress.
  • Database creation.
  • Database user creation.
  • WordPress Installation.
  • Theme search.
  • Theme installation.
  • Theme customization.
  • Explanation of Dashboard.
  • Explanation of Post Menu and its usage.
  • Explanation of Page Menu and its usage.
  • Explanation of Media Menu and its usage.
  • Explanation of Comments Section.
  • Detailed description of Widget and its usage.
  • Add Plugin.
  • How to Search Plugin.
  • Installation of Plugin.
  • Plugin activation , DE-activation and settings.
  • Explain Multi user management system.
  • How to add new user.
  • Menu Location and Menu creation.
  • About Categories and categories creation.
  • About Tags and tags creation.
  • Media and Thumbnails size management.
  • Site title , site tag line, site URL customization.
  • Date and time format customization.
  • Default new user role assignment.
  • Default Categories settings.
  • Search engine visibility settings.
  • Home page display settings.
  • Comments moderation and some useful setting.
  • Creating avatar and setting up his Gr-avatar profile link.
  • Customized post and page links creation.
  • Setting up SEO Plugin.
  • Setting up Google Analytics to track traffic of your website.
  • Setting up Google web master tool to track the health of your website.
  • Setting up PageSpeed Insights.
  • Setting up Google Adsense to earn money.
  • Setting up Facebook like box to website.
  • Setting up Twitter box to website.
  • Setting up Instagram to Website.
  • Social media share button on each and every post.
  • Selecting right domain name.
  • Choosing right hosting provider.
  • Pointing domain to the hosting provider.
  • Customization in live website.
  • Setting up contact us page.

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Actual Fee 4999/-

Enroll Today at 299/

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